Scar Release Therapy (SRT)

Scar Release Therapy is a safe, clinically tested and proven solution that is highly effective in reducing the negative influences of scars. It has been shown that scars up-regulate the sympathetic nervous system, producing stress, decreasing heart rate variability and healing vagal tone. The scars we accumulate throughout our lives create adhesions inside the body that act as internal strait jackets reducing muscle and organ performance, they also injure fascia causing fascial restrictions and structural imbalances. It has also been shown that scars suppress female hormone levels, block circulation and energy flow through the meridian system producing energy and circulation stagnations in the extremities, especially in the lower extremities. It is now well documented through specific medical journals and peer reviewed studies that scars directly cause chronic pain throughout the human organism. SRT is a painless way to reduce the negative influences of scarring on the human body, allowing individuals to significantly enhance their quality of life both physically and emotionally.